Engaging in winning strategies can give you the edge you need for success in the gig economy.

Decide on your role. Establishing your income earning goals early on will help you to understand the market and develop a professional course. If you engage customers who need more from you than you can handle, you can damage their impression of you. In developing your business plan, you need to fully acknowledge your limitations, or you’ll never meet your goals. There are four basic categories of workers in the gig economy:

  • Free agent: When you’re ready to spread your wings and make a gig venture your primary source of income.
  • Casual earner: You aren’t ready to quit your day job, and side hustle is for fun money.
  • Reluctant: You wish you had a day job, but you’re stuck trying for gig employment.
  • Financially strapped: Your day job doesn’t bring in enough money to make ends meet, so you’re doing extra work to stay in the black.

What’s your gig? To be a success in the gig economy, you’ll need to have a clear vision. For instance, you may want to work with animals, but that’s a vague notion. However, you can narrow that down to becoming a dog walker or offering a boarding and pet-sitting service. These examples of gig businesses are concise—customers understand exactly what services are being offered. Knowing your customer base and focusing on your niche helps you target your clientele effectively and meet their needs efficiently.

Sell yourself. Once you’re goals are defined, take steps to market your business. Develop a portfolio so you can show clients what you are capable of. Set up a website and business accounts on social media, create business cards and flyers, and start talking it up with friends and family members.

Work it! Being a success means you will need to be disciplined and productive. For your gig business to thrive, you need to be professional and develop a hardy work ethic. Generate realistic goals and meet them in a timely manner, and don’t allow yourself to be distracted or disorganized.

You can be a winner in the game of gigs, you just have to have the right strategies. Decide on your role, develop your niche, sell it, and work at it.

Image courtesy of Pixabay